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An adapted version of TENTPEGS designed for dentists, dental hygienists, and nurses.

Oral health and tooth decay are linked to many health behaviors such as sugary food and drinks, smoking, tooth-brushing, and attending dental check-ups.

Preventing tooth decay is a key focus of dental care. But dentists tell us these conversations can feel difficult and are often avoided.

We have developed a version of TENTPEGS that aims to help dental practitioners start conversations with patients and support health-related behavior change in ways patients tell us they find acceptable and helpful.

POLAR has an associated online training session with
downloadable resources.

Preventing child dental decay


The most common reason UK children are admitted to hospital is to have carious teeth removed.


Dental decay is the main cause of disability in primary school children.


Health psychology helps understand ways dentists can support parents and children to develop tooth-kind habits.


We are currently evaluating a version for conversations with parents & children as part of the NIHR RfPB funded POLAR Bear Study.

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TENTPEGS is a tool kit for health professionals to guide conversations with patients about making healthy lifestyle changes.